EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks

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The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner automatically sucks up the sludge and contaminants from the bottom of your tank every time your tank overflows.

  • Clean your tank effortlessly & improve the quality of your water with the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System!
  • Vacuums unwanted debris, silt & decomposing matter that may have settled at the bottom of your tank
  • Eliminates the need to empty & clean your tank every year (providing that your tank overflows at least 2 to 4 times a year under heavy rainfall)
  • No power required, easy DIY installation whether your tank is empty or full, no maintenance required
  • Specially designed Flow Booster triggers syphon effect, boosting flow from 0.5L/sec (no suction) to 4L/sec (strong suction)
  • Designed for vertical water tanks from 700L (including slimline tanks) to 5500L made of polymer plastic (successfully assembled on the following brands: Jojo, Ecotank, Rototank & Ecogator; you might need to change the overflow fitting of your tank for other brands)
  • Can fit higher vertical water tanks (10000L, 20000L) with custom extensions for the Syphon & Vacuum pipes (40mm uPVC pipe and 40mm couplers)

Rainwater harvesting is very popular in South Africa and keeping the water in your tanks clean and debris free is vital if the water is intended for use inside the house. Even with a leaf catcher and a first flush system installed, plant matter, waste & sediment can settle at the bottom of your tank, which enables the growth of blood worms, mosquito larvae, bacteria/protozoa (including E. Coli, Giardia and Salmonella) and algae.

Some common contaminants found in rainwater tanks:

common contaminants found at the bottom of jojo tanks

How the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System works:

The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System works by vacuuming up these settled contaminants and discharging them every time your tank overflows. Once the water level reaches the height of the overflow, our specially designed flow booster triggers a siphon effect and starts vacuuming water with a flow rate of 4 litres per second (this is more than a 1.1kW pressure booster pump can produce). This powerful vacuum sucks up the sludge & contaminants, removing them from your tank.

Without the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner system installed, every time your tank fills up with rain and overflows, fresh water from the top of the tank is discharged through the overflow while any contaminants that enter the tank can settle and decompose at the bottom of the tank.

Watch: How to install the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks

The vacuum is broken when the water level reaches a pre-set hole in the pipe, allowing the water level to rise again and begin another cleansing vacuum cycle.

ecodepot tank cleaner system cleaning out jojo tanks

What’s in the box:

We only use high-quality uPVC pipes and fittings when manufacturing the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System, to keep your rainwater tank free from plasticizers which may leach out of regular PVC products.

1 x uPVC Syphon pipe with Flow Booster

ecodepot tank cleaner system syphon pipe for jojo tanks

1 x uPVC Vacuum pipe (predrilled) and end cap + 1 x uPVC Extension Vacuum pipe (predrilled) and coupler (for large diameter tanks)

ecodepot tank cleaner system vacuum pipe for jojo tanks

1 x uPVC Tank connector

ecodepot tank cleaner system tank connector for jojo tanks

1 x uPVC Syphon breaker fitting

ecodepot tank cleaner system syphon breaker for jojo tanks

What you will need:

To assemble your EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System, you will need a piece of plain 40mm uPVC pipe (not supplied) to connect the syphon breaker to the vacuum pipe on the inside of your tank. You will also need PVC glue to connect the different parts. Assembling can be done on a full tank. (*Please note: This is not stated on the kit)

The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System is designed for the following vertical water tanks:

  • Jojo Tank (Slimline 750L, Slimline 1000L, 1000L, 1500L, 2200L, 2500L, 4500L, 5000L, 5500L)
  • Ecotank (Slimline 707L, Slimline 950L, 1000L, 1500L, 1890L, 2200L, 2500L, 4500L, 5000L)
  • Rototank (Slimline 800L, 1000L, 1500L, 2500L, 5000L)
  • Ecogator Tank (1000L, 1500L, 2500L, 5000L)

You can assemble the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System to higher vertical water tanks (10000L, 20000L) with custom extensions for the Syphon and Vacuum pipes (40mm uPVC pipe and 40mm couplers). You can also use the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System with other makes of vertical water tanks, but might need to change the overflow fitting of your tank.

Watch the Flow Booster impact:



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  • The tank connector has a 50mm BSP thread. The fittings on both the JoJo & ECO tanks have a 40mm BSP thread on the overflow outlet. How do you connect?

    Hi, You need to replace the original tank fitting with the one included in the tank cleaner kit. It should fit exactly for Jojo, Ecotank and most common brands sold in SA. This video shows how to do it (jump t 2min18s to see the part about the overflow outlet:

  • Do you sell the EcoDepot cleaner for rainwater tanks is Pretoria?

    We deliver nationwide in SA (courier, door to door), Gauteng included. Shipping charge for the tank cleaner in Pretoria is R85 (it' a bit bulky).
    To calculate the shipping cost: once you have added your product to your cart, head on over to the "Cart" page then click on "Calculate Shipping" highlighted in green above the yellow checkout button. Then, enter your country, province & postal code and click on the yellow calculate shipping button.

  • I see Nel tanks are not on the supported list. Can it be modified to work with them?

    We've seen instals on Nel tanks in the Western Cape, it probably doesn't require any modification - if it does, it will be the fitting of the overflow on top of the tank.

  • I have two 2500l Jojo tanks connected in series to each other.Do I need two tank cleaner systems. With the tanks being connected at the bottom to each other, will one system be able suction the dirt from both tanks?

    For the tank cleaner(s) to work, you need the 2 tanks (let's call them A and B) to be at the exact same level, connected by their bottom outlets, and of the exact same dimensions.
    1. I am asssuming that water is collected by 1 tank only (tank A).
    - It is very likely that tank A that has the most dirt at the bottom. Tank A needs a tank cleaner to remove that dirt.
    - Water from the parallel tank (tank B) is not going to be affected by the tank cleaner of tank A. You would need a second tank cleaner to remove the dirt of tank B.
    Note that from what we've seen, tank B is likely to have a LOT less dirt than tank A => we would normally recommend only 1 tank cleaner on tank A.
    2. If water is collected by both tanks separately, you need 2 tank cleaners.

  • how to make a filter to collect sand and leaves in a jojo tank

    To prevent leaves and sediments from entering your water tank, we recommend you combine a leaf catcher and a first flush diverter. Once the leaves and sediments have entered the tank, you can do two things: empty it and clean it, or use this tank cleaner and make the tank overflow to syphon out bottom tank water.