EcoDepot Rainwater Harvesting Pack 80 - Tank Cleaner, Leaf Catcher 80mm, First Flush Diverter 80mm

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Harvest water from your roof and gutters and keep it clean in your rainwater tank with the EcoDepot Rainwater Harvesting Pack. The pack includes the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System, a Leaf Catcher and a First Flush Rainwater Diverter Kit. 

EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks

  • Automatically vacuums sludge, unwanted debris, silt and decomposing matter that have settled at the bottom of your tank
  • Eliminates the need to empty and clean your tank every year (providing that your tank overflows at least 2 to 4 times a year under heavy rainfall)
  • Specially designed Flow Booster triggers syphon effect, boosting flow from 0.5L/sec (no suction) to 4L/sec (strong suction)
  • No power required, easy DIY installation whether your tank is empty or full, no maintenance required
  • Designed for vertical water tanks from 700L (including slimline tanks) to 5500L made of polymer plastic (successfully assembled on the following brands: Jojo, Ecotank, Rototank and Ecogator; you might need to change the overflow fitting of your tank for other brands)
  • Can fit higher vertical water tanks (10000L, 20000L) with custom extensions for the Syphon and Vacuum pipes (40mm uPVC pipe and 40mm couplers)

 Leaf Catcher For Rainwater Harvesting (80mm downpipes)

  • Improves the quality of the water in your tank as it reduces the introduction of organic sediment
  • The products are fitted to your existing gutter system to protect gutters from becoming blocked due to falling vegetation, debris & leaves
  • Easy to install, some are fitted to the top of the gutters, or in some cases slots into the gutter cavity
  • Leaves & debris that are carried along by the water are filtered through the fine screen that further deflects mosquitoes & other insects from entering the water tank
  • Can be used in conjunction with First Flush Systems

*Made to be attached to standard round 80mm PVC downpipes 

First Flush Rainwater Diverter Kit (80mm dwnpipes)

  • Diverts any small or dissolved pollutants from your roof & gutters into a separate pipe chamber so it does not enter the tank
  • The first flush of water from the roof can contain amounts of bacteria from decomposed insects, lizards, bird & animal droppings & concentrated tannic acid
  • It may also contain sediments, waterborne heavy metals & chemical residues, all of which are undesirable elements to have in a water storage system

What’s in the box

EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System: We only use high-quality uPVC pipes and fittings when manufacturing the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System, to keep your rainwater tank free from plasticizers which may leach out of regular PVC products.

  • 1 x uPVC Syphon pipe with Flow Booster
  • 1 x uPVC Vacuum pipe (predrilled) and end cap + 1 x uPVC Extension Vacuum pipe (predrilled) and coupler (for large diameter tanks)
  • 1 x uPVC Tank connector
  • 1 x uPVC Syphon breaker fitting
  • Assembly instructions

Leaf Catcher

  • 1 x Leaf Catcher 80mm

First Flush Rainwater Diverter Kit

  • 1 x Top intake cap/adapter (Intake to insert standard 80mm round gutter downpipes)
  • 1 x Float ball
  • 1 x 110mm aluminium bracket for mounting the unit to the wall
  • 1 x 80mm round T piece
  • 1 x Bottom base cap with screw off lid for cleaning  
  • 1 x Valve for draining the water 
  • Assembly instructions

 What you will need:

To assemble your EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System, you will need a piece of plain 40mm uPVC pipe (not supplied) to connect the syphon breaker to the vacuum pipe on the inside of your tank. You will also need PVC glue to connect the different parts. Assembling can be done on a full tank. (*Please note: This is not stated on the kit)

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  • I have 2 slimline 750 jojo tanks, how do connect up the cleaner for both tanks? do I need 2 cleaners? How will the overflow / suction be affected when the tanks are connected together and equalized?

    Dear valued customer 

    Thank you for getting in touch 

    It is definitely possible to install 2 tank cleaners in a 2 tank set-up. You would just need to make sure that there is an end cap on the second tanks inlet so ensure that the overflow only goes through the tank cleaner.

    Feel free to contact us