QUALITY Electrical Waterproof Pool DB Box (with Plug, 125W, Grey)

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The QUALITY Electrical Waterproof Pool DB Box (with Plug, 125W, Grey) ensures your electrical supply is distributed correctly and safely.
  • User-friendly 3-way distribution box with a PVC opening door & plug 
  • Supplied with a neutral/ earth bar
  • Manufactured from plastic with 3 switches
  • Includes a circuit breaker & timer 
  • Perfect for use with pools

Fluidra is a global leader in the pool industry providing trusted brands for the use of water in leisure, sports and therapeutic applications associated with swimming pools, spas and wellness centres that are cost-effective and efficient.

Product specifications:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 125W, 220V/ 12V
  • Colour: Grey

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  • I need to know how to set the timer please


    To set the timer it has two pins , one on the outside to set the hour and one on the inside to set the minute