BioBizz Bio-Bloom Organic Fertiliser, 500ml

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BioBizz Bio-Bloom is an all-organic, vegetable-based complete fertiliser designed for use during the productive flowering and fruiting stage of plant development. The NPK ratio of 2-7-4 ensures that there is a small amount of nitrogen and plenty of phosphorus and potassium to promote abundant flower and fruit growth.

  • Perfect for organic gardeners growing in soil or cocopeat
  • Packed with minerals, micro-nutrients, amino acids & hormones of vegetable origin to ensure exuberant flowers and fruit setting
  • High levels of potassium & phosphorous to stimulate flowering
  • Increases & enhances the flavour of yields

BioBizz is recommended for hand feeding into coco peat or soil. 

It is not recommended to use BioBizz in a Hydroponic system (NFT, DWC etc).

BioBizz Bio-Bloom contains enzymes and amino acids, which work simultaneously with the soil to enhance flowering and fruit production. It can be used for soil, soil-less, or fortified coco - a complete fertilizer used from the beginning of fruit or flower production until harvest. Potassium helps the forming and flowering of petals and bulbs, and allows the plant to receive the trigger for flowering due to the combination with the change in the day/night rhythm. Phosphorus gives the nutrients that are needed to make the calyces and the petals grow. 

Bio-Bloom integrates a variety of trace elements and hormones and contains a carefully selected mix of enzymes and amino acids. This tailored formula works to nourish your plants, enrich the soil, and work with valuable micro-organisms to encourage healthy and vigorous production of flowers and fruits in a completely natural way. No chemical additives necessary.

Storage instructions: 

Store your Biobizz products in a cool, dry and dark place (away from direct sunlight) with low humidity and an average (room) temperature of 18 degrees. Do not store in the fridge.

Product specifications:

  • Brand: BioBizz 
  • Type: BioBizz Bio-Bloom, 500ml
  • NPK Ratio: 2.0–7–4
  • Size: 500ml
  • Sizes available: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L

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