HUNTER PGP-04 Ultra Rotor Sprinkler with 100mm Pop Up and Adjustable Arc, BSP, 3/4 Inch

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The HUNTER PGP04 Ultra Pop Up Rotor Sprinkler with Adjustable Arc is manufactured to take on harsh conditions for years on end. Get all the benefits of a rotor in a spray-sized package and close-in rotor coverage with a 4.9m minimum radius. 

  • 10 cm pop up rotor sprinkler with adjustable arc 
  • Through-the-top arc adjustment from 50 to 360 degrees 
  • Quick check arc mechanism & water lubricated gear-drive
  • 5-year warranty

The HUNTER PGP04 Ultra Pop Up Rotor Sprinkler with Adjustable Arc takes the foundation of the best-selling PGP Rotor and raises the bar with a range of new features developed over 30 years of research, customer feedback, and lab testing. Among the most notable improvements of the PGP Ultra is its non-strippable drive and automatic arc return. These two features work to allow the turret to be turned without causing damage, and return the turret to its original arc regardless of where it is turned. Other advanced benefits include 34 nozzle options with several radius choices and a headed slot and set screw. The diversity of the PGP Ultra offers system installers an array of efficient options on any site. 

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of a full range of high-quality irrigation products from controllers, rotors, rotary sprinklers, spray head sprinklers, nozzles, valves, weather drips and much more.


  • Overall height: 19cm
  • Pop up height: 10cm
  • Exposed diameter: 4.5cm
  • Inlet size: ¾" BSP

Product specifications:

  • Model: PGJ-04 = 10 cm pop up adjustable arc 
  • Radius: 4.9 - 14.0m 
  • Arc setting: 50 to 360 degrees
  • Nozzle choices: 22
  • Nozzle range: 0.75 to 5.0
  • Standard factory installed nozzle: 2.0 only
  • Flow rate: 0.07 to 3.23 m3/hr; 1.2 to 53.8 l/min
  • Recommended pressure range: 1.7 - 4.5 bar; 170 to 450 kPa
  • Operating pressure range: 1.4 to 7.0 bar; 140 to 700 kPa
  • Precipitation rates: 10 mm/hr approx.
  • Nozzle trajectory: Std = 25 degrees, Low angle = 13 degrees
  • Quick check arc mechanism
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • 1 adjustment tool per shipment
  • Low angle nozzle choices
  • Automatic arc return
  • Non-strippable drive 


  • Residential
  • Commercial/ municipalities
  • Low-pressure areas
  • Riser-mounted sprinklers 
  • Ground cover and/or shrubs
  • Reclaimed water

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