GEYSERWISE Solar PV Water Heating Retrofit Kit for 200L Geyser, 4x 250W Panels Included, Low Irradiation Area

R 16,595.00

GEYSERWISE Solar PV Water Heating Kit, 200L is a complete kit that allows you to convert your existing electrical geyser to a solar-powered geyser regardless of where it is situated, providing huge savings when it comes to electrical consumption. Get your water heating system off-grid with no plumbing and no maintenance.

  • Convert your existing geyser with no plumbing or water pump required
  • Heat your water with photovoltaic technology that uses an exclusive PTC AC/DC element 
  • Equipped with an AC backup for cloudy days
  • Avoid overheating by controlling the water temperature
  • Solar panels are frost resistant & can be expanded for additional appliances 

In order to choose the correct components for your PV heating system, please check the irradiation levels in your area HERE

Based in Cape Town & started in 2004 by Meinhard Fourie, Geyserwise found a need in the market for measuring, managing and minimising electrical consumption of the everyday residential electric geyser. An electric geyser represents about 40% of the power consumption of an average South African household: Geyserwise products enable tangible savings of hundreds of rands every month. Geyserwise products can also optimise the operation of solar geysers. All products are designed and manufactured in South Africa using durable materials.

Geyserwise Introduction Diagram

Geyserwise Introduction Diagram

What's in the box:

  • 4 x 250W PV panels
  • 1 x 2.0kW AC / 900W DC heating element
  • 1 x Geyserwise TSE Geyser Controller
  • 1 x Anderson connectors (on element)
  • 1 x Flange
  • 1 x PTC stainless steel sensor tube (mounted on flange)
  • 1 x ECO MPPT
  • 1 x Element connector cable
  • 1 x Inline fuse holder MC4
  • 1 x 30A fuse
  • 1 x 6m male to female black extension cable 
  • 1 x 6m male to female 4mm red extension cable
  • 8 x 4m pre-galvanized solar struts
  • 16 x mounting clips

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