UV Sterilizer Replacement Bulb (55W)

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UV Sterilizer Replacement Bulb (55W) for 55W UV Sterilizer.

Adding a UV sterilizer onto a water filtration system is a well-known practice in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This is essential for purifying water that has been exposed to contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, coliform, flu, salmonella, polio, giardia, dysentery, e.coli, cholera, cryptosporidium, meningitis, typhoid, infectious, fever and hepatitis.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 55W
  • Replacement Bulb for 55W UV sterilizer

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  • Do you have instructions on how to change the bulb?

    Unscrew by hand from the side of the power cable, then unplug the 4-pin connector and gently remove the light bulb.