3 Stage Big Blue Water Filtration With 55W UV Sterilizer, Includes 2 Sediment & 1 Carbon Block Filters

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Improve your water supply with the whole house 3-stage Big Blue water purifier coupled with a 55W UV sterilizer. This water filtration system is perfectly suited to purify rainwater and municipal water that may have been contaminated by bacteria or protozoa (including E.coli and Giardia). It can process wellpoint water if it does not contain any heavy metal pollutants, mineral pollutants or salt.

  • Flow rate of ±2720 litres per hour (equivalent to 5 large taps open simultaneously)
  • Sediment filters remove unwanted particles such as sand, algae, rust, mud, slime and others from your water
  • Carbon filters remove chlorine and organic compounds while improving taste, colour and odour of water
  • UV (Ultra Violet) light disinfects water by neutralizing from harmful bacteria, protozoa and spores
  • Installs easily and neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded area

The system comes with a complete set of 3 filter cartridges (5-micron sediment filter, carbon block filter, 1-micron sediment filter) suitable for most rainwater and municipal water filtration needs in South Africa. The cartridges are fitted into the system.

Filter cartridges must be replaced every 6 months or when water pressure drops. The 55W UV bulb must be replaced every 12 months. It is always recommended that installations are done by certified plumbers. This system IS NOT designed to filter borehole water. Please, contact us for borehole water treatment advice.

Watch: How to install a Big Blue water filter system with a 55W UV sterilizer

What you get:

  • 3 x 20 Inch Big Blue filter housings
  • 1 x Mounting frame
  • 1 x 5-micron 20-inch Big Blue sediment filters
  • 1 x 20-inch Big Blue carbon block filters
  • 1 x 1-micron 20-inch Big Blue sediment filters
  • 1 x Complete 55W ultraviolet sterilizer (960mm length)
  • *The filter cartridges supplied with this unit are not labelled and are already in the correct sequence for filtering
  • Big Blue cartridge dimensions [w x h]: 11.4cm x 50.8cm
  • Pipe fittings size: 1" NPT

Please note, that because of this product being couriered, the UV light is not preinstalled on the system due to the fragile nature of the UV bulb. Installation is required. The Big Blue housings come fitted with the first set of filter cartridges mounted in the correct sequence (5-micron, carbon block, 1-micron).

What you will need (not included):

  • 2 x AMG fittings – 25 x 32 x 32mm male thread
  • 1 x 32mm ball valve
  • 3 x 32mm Unions
  • 2 x RCG fittings 32 x 25mm
  • Thread tape
  • PVC glue
  • Arm: 4 x 32mm elbows; PVC pipe

Parts and consumables for the 3-stage Big Blue Filtration System with 55W UV Steriliser:

20-inch Big Blue filter cartridge dimensions

3 Stage Whole House 20 Inch Water Filter System With UV Filter, Sediment Filters & Carbon Block Filter

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Ask a Question
  • Does the Big Blue system remove flouride from municipal water?

    Dear valued customer,

    This unit won't be sufficient for removing flouride from your water. It is recommended to use Reverse Osmosis to remove flouride.

  • I have a big build up of sand in the filter, preventing me from removing the filter can you help

    Dear valued customer,

    For a stuck housing, it is recommended to use a Big Blue spanner for removal operations.

  • What will take the brown color out of the water

    Best is to have your water tested (SANS241 microbiological & chemical) and send results to info@ecodepot.co.za, as the colour can be due to different pollutants (not necessarily sediments). The most secure way to purify it is with a reverse osmosis system, but if the water is very dirty, the RO membrane is not going to last long.

  • Can it also remove salty taste from water?

    Dear valued customer,

    Indeed, the Big Blue 3-stage unit has a carbon block as its second stage. This is highly effective at removing chloride ions from your water supply.

  • How much is the flow resistance that is added by pumping through the 3 stage filter system ? Thanks


    It shouldn’t be much, the only time it will start slowing the flow down is when the filters start fouling up.